Making an email alias means setting up an e-mail which shares the very same mailbox with a completely different address both for the inbound as well as the outgoing messages. For example, you are able to make an email address and it'll be associated with a unique mailbox. After that, you can create an alias, that will make use of the mailbox of sales@ and won't have a mailbox of its own. Every time you check your emails, you will notice emails sent to either one of the two addresses in one place, which can be more convenient in some circumstances because you will not need to log in and out of different mailboxes working with webmail or create numerous addresses in an email application. This feature is frequently used as a substitute for forwarding messages from a single address to another one if a number of email addresses are mentioned for contact on a site.

E-mail Aliases in Web Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which is provided with each web hosting plan we provide, will help you set up as many aliases as you need for the email addresses that you create in your account. Setting up or removing an alias will require just a couple of keys to press, so that you can manage several email addresses in one mailbox no matter if you use webmail or maybe an e-mail client on your computer system or smartphone. This way, you can take advantage of multiple emails for personal or company correspondence and save time by connecting them to a single or multiple mailboxes. You can even combine having aliases for any specific mailbox and forwarding all incoming e-mails from a company to a private e-mail if you happen to check the latter more frequently.

E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you've got a semi-dedicated server through us and you want to set up aliases for an existing e-mail address from the account, it will not take you more than several mouse clicks to do this. You can add or remove aliases for any specific mailbox any time from the Emails part of the in-house made Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which comes with the semi-dedicated plans. The feature enables you to handle your e-mail messages much easier if you use different emails in various parts of your web site. If you combine it with our email forwarding option as well as the filters you can create, copies of all incoming messages sent to unique mail addresses/aliases may be kept both in the original mailbox for common usage and in the mailboxes of others - company personnel responsible for various tasks, for instance.